Ms. Rasika Batra, CLC

Rasika has close to 20 years of professional experience in the areas of social development, media, qualitative research and ethnography. A bulk of her experience has been in qualitative research.

Rasika graduated with History, economics and politics and dis a PGD in Social Communications and Media. She has also trained in NLP.

Currently Rasika does one qualitative research project a month, writes for a trend analysis company and has a coaching practice where she focuses on stereotypes and conflict management. Her practice is called “Mind the Gap”.

Rasika enjoys art, theatre, music, dance and craft. She loves to read and likes to engage with friends and family. She enjoys travelling very much and balances out her vacations between educational vacations, historical vacations and sacking on the beach kind of vacations.

Why did she choose Life Coaching as a career?

“Because this is what I have wanted to do all along”, says Rasika. “As someone close to me says- it fits me like a glove!”

And why did she choose Symbiosis Coaching?

“I was looking for an effective and comprehensive course that was also reasonable in terms of price. Synchronicity led me to speak to a friend who had done the same course. I liked what he said about the course and the price was attractive.”

Here’s what Rasika says:

“Overall I enjoyed the course a lot. I thought it was comprehensive. I noticed that I was initially resistant to the several sessions on marketing, only to realize later that those were perhaps what I needed the most!. I loved Dr. Brons? teaching style and experiences.

I particularly found the sessions on belief systems, structure and process, asking questions, and listening skills the most useful. I especially enjoyed the ?Staying in Business? lecture as a concluding talk to the course.

The student area was very useful and I found the supplementary reading interesting and robust.

All my questions got answered promptly and I appreciated the support from the support team. I have recommended the course to a friend who has already enrolled in the program.”

Rasika has already started hr coaching practice – Mind the Gap – with a few clients whom she contacted through her social network. This includes finishing a series with one of them, who called her a month later saying that she noticed a huge change in her life!

“I have other regular clients with whom I have been doing sustained sessions. I find the ‘How to Coach’ document very useful and refer to it for several inputs when I am faced with different coaching situations.”

“I have contacted various companies to work as an Executive Coach. I have already created a brochure and do regular telephone calls with a friend of mine who is also a Life Coach. I have also designed a workshop on stereotypes and conflict.”

Rasika is also in the process of contacting various business schools so that she can help them and coach their graduates prior to placements.

Rasika’s Life Coaching career is taking off and we wish her the very best!

Class Schedule
ProgramStart DateClass TimesClass Schedule
Certified Life CoachWednesday, February 22nd9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
8:00pm PT
Once a week, 2-hours, for 24-weeks
Certified Organizational
Development Coach
Tuesday, February 21st9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 25-weeks
Certified Executive
Thursday, February 23rd9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 8-weeks
Certified NLP Coach
Monday, February 20th9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 25-weeks
Platinum - ACC/PCC
Friday, April 7th9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 1-hour
for 6-sessions PLUS 4 one-on-
one sessions with mentor