My struggles are stepping stones

My Struggles are steeping stones

My life is a fruitful voyage. I have a promising career, dedicated spouse, lovely family, and a warm place to call home.

The luxury of having things handed to me on a silver platter is unknown to me. I work hard to get what I want, overcoming whatever challenges try to stop me. My struggles are stepping stones to obtaining my desires.

At times, I may feel like throwing in the towel, but my dedication to my dreams and responsibilities spurs me on.

I find that challenges are simple to decode when broken down into small steps. By analyzing them in this way, I can always overcome each challenging situation I encounter. I am a strong, talented, and resourceful individual!

The hill I am currently facing fails to compare with mountains that topple in my wake. With the proper preparation and dedication, I am confident that I can conquer my struggle and come out on top.

The wellbeing of my family is the driving force behind my desire to succeed. When I feel weak, thinking of my spouse and children strengthens my will.

In times of trouble, recalling my past victories reminds me of my strength. I know my current struggles are my newest stepping stones to success. I value them for teaching me how to pull through the trials and tribulations of life.

Today, I intend to turn my sour lemons into sweet, refreshing lemonade. I have the power to climb any mountain that is set in my path.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Are my fears getting in the way of achieving my goals?
  2. Is my current method of coping with stress productive?
  3. How can I strengthen my problem solving skills?
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