My life is well balanced.

My Life is well Balanced

I enjoy a life marked by order and balance, while still cultivating a diverse set of interests. I am fully capable of maintaining the necessary structure to keep my mind at peace.

To best balance my life, I prioritize my values. Understanding my values enables me to identify the best way to spend my time. With my priorities in order, I fill out my commitment calendar with a wide range of activities that I enjoy.

My planner has room for my responsibilities as well as my interests. I make it a point to include one serious activity and one fun activity every day, because too much of one thing can be detrimental to my life balance.

The key to achieving a healthy balance is to always make time to take care of myself. I enjoy all other activities even more when I am fresh. I take care of myself by nurturing my mind and body.

While working is important, I produce better work when I take time out to pursue other hobbies or read my favorite books. Taking time to relax gives me a more positive mental attitude about my work.

Beginning each day with the intention of making it the best day of my life helps me to maintain a positive outlook. I know how to deal with adversity by putting unforeseen events in perspective.

Today, I choose to keep a balanced life by designating a specific time in my schedule for each of my priorities. I include a varied array of interests throughout my day and intentionally take care of myself first.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does the quality of my work benefit when I take a break to pursue other hobbies?
2. When was the last time I did something refreshing for myself?
3. How can I incorporate more balance into my schedule?