My life is full of joy and peace

Life is full of Joy and Peace

Every time I think about my life, I feel peace and joy. I attract joy and peace into my life through my thoughts, words, and actions. Others see the joy and peace that I radiate out into the world. They respond by sending joy and peace back to me.

Even if things aren’t perfect, I keep my joy. I remain peaceful and allow stress and tension to roll off of me. I avoid getting upset over small things. Problems do not come to stay; they only come to pass. As problems melt away, I feel the strength of my peace.

Joy is important to me. Each day, I choose joy and peace instead of stress and worry. I fear nothing and have no worries. I know everything is taken care of. Things work out the way they should, and I can allow change into my life without fear.

I hold onto my joy. I keep peace and joy in my heart and mind at all times. It is easy for me to stay peaceful because I have everything I need to retain joy.

Peace and joy are precious gifts that I appreciate each day. They are far more important to me than material things. Peace and joy can be given away and still retained by the giver. They’re wondrous things to keep close to my heart.

Today, I appreciate the joy and peace my life has to offer.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I feel more at peace?
2. How can I bring more joy into my life on a daily basis?
3. How can I give my peace and joy away to others?

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