Life Coach Versus Mentor

At some point in life, everyone can use some guidance and advice. Whether it’s for personal lives or for careers, it’s important to have someone to talk to so reasonable goals can be defined and achieved. In other words, people in these situations need a life coach or a mentor. But what’s the difference between a life coach and a mentor?


What Is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional who helps people identify and achieve personal and professional goals. Life coaches work with clients individually, allowing them to set and reach goals in multiple areas of their lives. 

Many professionals take advantage of the accredited life coach certification online programs to become a life coach. These programs provide the training and education necessary to help clients effectively achieve their goals. Online programs typically include coursework in psychology, counseling, and business. With the proper training and education, a life coach can help clients succeed in all areas of their lives.

It’s important to note that a life coach is not a therapist. To further understand the differences, take a look at our recent post on life coaches versus therapists.


What Is a Mentor?

A mentor is a trusted advisor who provides guidance, support, and assistance to someone who is less experienced. The mentee-mentor relationship is built on trust and mutual respect and can be a powerful tool for professional development.

A mentor can provide insights and advice on career choices, help develop new skills, and offer guidance on navigating difficult situations. In addition, a mentor can be a sounding board for new ideas, offering honest feedback and helping to identify potential pitfalls. The mentee-mentor relationship can be gratifying for both parties and can play a vital role in professional success.


How Do Life Coaches and Mentors Differ?

Life coaches and mentors can play important roles in helping people achieve their goals. However, there are some key differences between the two. Life coaches tend to take a more active part in their clients’ lives, offering regular guidance and support. Life coaches usually focus on helping their clients achieve specific goals, such as getting a promotion or starting a business.

In contrast, mentors typically provide more intermittent advice, stepping in only when requested or when they feel their guidance would be valuable. They often provide more general support, offering advice and guidance on a range of topics.


When Does a Person Hire a Life Coach?

A life coach can be a valuable asset at any stage of life. Whether a person is struggling with a significant decision, feeling lost in a transition, or simply looking for ways to live a more fulfilling life, a life coach can help clarify personal goals and develop a plan to achieve them. 

Many people hire a life coach when experiencing a significant life change, such as starting a new job, getting married, or becoming a parent. Others seek coaching when facing a challenge, like overcoming a tendency to procrastinate or dealing with anxiety. No matter the reason, a life coach’s work remains essentially the same—helping clients have more self-awareness, identify their values and priorities, and set realistic goals. When someone hires a coach, they are most probably ready to make positive changes in their life and willing to put in the work to achieve them.



Both life coaches and mentors can be valuable sources of support, but it is crucial to have the right one depending on the objectives. Life coaches offer regular guidance and support, while mentors typically provide more intermittent expert advice. Are you still trying to figure out what kind of coach you’re looking for–or even which kind you might want to be? We’ve got you covered at Symbiosis Coaching–check out our recent post on transformation coaches versus life coaches.

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Tuesday, February 21st9:30am ET
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