I take strides towards a healthy, vibrant lifestyle

Healthy and Vibrant Lifestyle

My ultimate goal is to lead an exciting, vibrant life, with stories of my adventures to pass down for generations to come! I want to be the one to tell my great grandchildren about backpacking through Europe, exploring the Canadian wilderness, or swimming with the dolphins!

I know that taking care of myself and leading a healthy lifestyle is the first stride towards achieving my goal. For this reason, I choose to make my health my top priority.

I stay away from toxic chemicals and cigarettes. I paint my walls with low VOC paint, use organic cleaning supplies, and burn only soot-free candles. Admittedly, these are small changes, but over the course of 50+ years, they can make a big difference in my health.

My diet is filled with veggies, fruits, legumes, and fish. Red meat is a treat that I only indulge in on special occasions. My cravings for “bad foods” are disappearing as I enjoy better health and renewed energy from my healthy diet. I find just as satisfying healthy treats to take their place.

My exercise routine consists of a balanced mix of cardio and strength training. Varying my exercises each week is important because it keeps my routine fun and exciting. Pilates, boxing, running, biking, and other exercises are some of my favorite regular activities.

Individually, these actions may seem insignificant. But, when combined, they create effective strides towards my goal.

Today, I change my unhealthy habits in favor of longevity-promoting alternatives. I increase my lifespan and quality of life by making health-conscious changes.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I exercise at least three times each week?
2. What do I do to increase the strength of my memory each day?
3. How can I avoid coming into contact with harmful chemicals?

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Certified Life CoachTuesday, October 18th8:00pm ET
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Once a week, 2-hours, for 24-weeks
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Thursday, October 20th8:00pm ET
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Wednesday, September
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