I pray for my children

I pray for my child

There comes a point where my strength ends and faith begins. My natural body is bound by physical limitations, but through prayer, I can accompany my children wherever they go.

I pray over my children’s safety. In a world filled with uncertainty and violence, prayer eases my mind and assures me that my children’s purpose is stronger than any form of evil. Praying adjusts my perspective of the world and brings me peace.

Like a soft, warm blanket, I feel the calming effects of prayer wrap around me. It comforts me and erases all fear. Insecurity is replaced with confidence. Where there was once hesitation, there is now certainty.

I pray over my children’s future. When I pray, I meditate about life and the decisions that my children will soon face. I am confident that my children are making good choices in their friendships, relationships, and careers.

Prayer is the force that intersects my vision for my children with the reality that they are making decisions for themselves. I trust that my children are on the path to happiness and success.

Whenever I pray, I meditate on the type of relationship I want to have with my children and what it takes to achieve that relationship. I reflect on ways that I can nurture our relationship, causing it to grow stronger with each passing year.

Today, I choose to pray for my children because, even though my influence on them may lessen as they grow older, my dreams for them continue.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my prayer for my children today?
2. How can prayer help me overcome my fears?
3. What do I hope for in my children’s future?

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