I face unexpected challenges head-on

Face unexpected challenges – NLP Coach

I embrace each challenge with a smile. When faced with a task I find intimidating, I take the time to carefully craft a tactful approach. No challenge is too great and no hurdle is too high for me.

I free myself from fears and insecurities, as they only serve as obstacles on my journey to success.

When my boss hands me a difficult project, I know he has only done so because he is confident in my ability to succeed. I consider it a privilege to learn career-enhancing skills while on the clock. Not only does this allow me to increase my portfolio of marketable skills, but it also makes me a better person.

At times, my children test my patience, but I graciously welcome the ebbs and flows of parenthood. When toys are scattered throughout my living room and my kids have used the wall as a drawing board, I laugh and feel blessed for having such imaginative bundles of joy.

I realize that each situation, no matter how glum, has both a positive and a negative aspect. It’s my decision how I choose to look at it.

For example, if my car breaks down and needs expensive repairs, I keep my composure. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I look into alternative car insurance policies that better suit my needs. If I come down with the flu, I use my time off from work to catch up on my favorite shows.

Today, I face any challenge thrown my way with confidence and courage. I walk into each situation with absolute certainty in my ability to achieve great results.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is stopping me from pursuing challenging tasks?
2. Are my fears rational, or do they stem from insecurity?
3. How can I increase my abilities in conflict resolution?