I control my finances instead of allowing them to control me

I control My Finances instead of allowing them to control me

I am in absolute control of my finances. I take time to prepare a budget and ensure that all bills are paid off before indulging in luxuries. Each dollar that comes out of my pocket is spent on a purchase with a purpose!

Small financial sacrifices that I make today enable me to build a promising tomorrow for my family. Can I do without a top-of-the-line cell phone? Yes I can! Can I live without Starbucks? I sure can!

Millions of people live without such luxuries each day and manage to get by just fine. I can be one of those people. I know that cutting down on my spending habits puts more money in my pocket over time.

When I was younger, I often made impulse purchases, but now I have come to realize that the little things really do add up. Now, when I am tempted to make a purchase over $50, I give myself 24 hours to think it over.

Though conveniences are nice, I am perfectly aware that they come at a premium. For this reason, I brew my own coffee in the morning, pack my lunch for work, and chop my own vegetables. A small time investment can result in great savings!

Saving for a rainy day is number one on my list of priorities. If I have a dime to spare, a nickel goes to my savings account. Even seemingly insignificant contributions can make a big difference in the long run.

Today, I laugh in the face of temptation. I am now equipped with the mindset to ward off frivolous spending.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I use shopping as an emotional crutch?
2. What are my financial goals and how can I work toward achieving them?
3. Can I minimize my expenses by doing things myself?

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