I am Quick to Forget Offenses

I am quick to forget Offenses – Life Coach

When someone does something that hurts me, I quickly forget it and move on. I deserve to live a life free from hatred and resentment. My life abounds in grace and mercy.

When I make a mistake, I love to be forgiven. The feeling of receiving a second chance is sweeter than honey. I treat others they way I want to be treated; therefore, I give those who hurt me a second chance.

Lingering offenses cloud my vision like a winter fog. When I let go of the past, the light of forgiveness evaporates the fog and clears up my view. Instead of putting people under a critical microscope, I am free to enjoy their company.

I choose to see the best in the people around me and believe that there is good within them. Regardless of what a person has done to me in the past, I open my heart to them without reservations.

When I have trouble getting past an offense and treating a person with grace, I change my point of view. I try to see them the way their loved ones see them and the way they see themselves, so I can learn to love them.

I pray for those who hurt me. It is hard to stay mad at someone for whom I pray. Prayer is a selfless act that stirs love inside me and causes me to care for others.

Today, I choose to guard the garden of my heart with a watchful eye. I prevent new offenses from taking root and growing like weeds. Overlooking offenses keeps my garden looking absolutely beautiful!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I live a life free from hatred?
2. Who do I need to forgive?
3. What is the best way to learn to love someone?

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