I am my first priority

I am my first Priority – Life Coach Online

I am a parent, spouse, and career-minded individual. But first and foremost, I am me!

I am a person with dreams, desires, and needs. Though I have commitments to others, which I value dearly, I must oil my own wheels before I can serve them.

My health is at the top of my priorities. I like to take a 30-minute jog each morning. Not only does this keep me slim and healthy, but for a brief moment in time, it allows me to be at one with my thoughts.

My meals are balanced and fulfilling, and my snacks are nutritious. I nix soda from my intake altogether and whittle my coffee habit down to just one cup per day.

Quality time with my spouse gives me the energy to make it through a tough week. The more intimate the occasion is, the more connected we feel. We are most comfortable when it is just the two of us having a cookout in the backyard or a romantic picnic in the park.

I am my first priority, not because I am selfish, but because I know that others depend on my wellbeing for their livelihood. For this reason, I indulge in a lengthy relaxation session each week. Sometimes it is going to the spa. Other times, I kick back by watching movies in bed.

In addition to my weekly relaxation session, I also make it a point to wind down each evening with quiet activities that relieve any built-up stress from the day.

Today, I dedicate time to myself because I am my first priority, then everything else falls into place!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I dedicate more time to myself each week?
  2. Is a specific part of my life draining my energy?
  3. How healthy is my lifestyle?
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