I am birthing new talents

New Talents – Certified Life Coach

I look deep within myself to discover hidden treasures. I am equipped with much more talent than I can imagine. Like a well digger, I am reaching into the depths of my soul to unearth the gifts within.

When I find myself interested in something new, I allow myself time to explore it. The only way that I can find out if I am good at something is by actually giving it a try.

I eliminate fear and doubt from my attitude and proceed forward with full confidence. My determination and confidence guide me. I am unstoppable in my desire to become someone greater than I am today.

I am unaffected by people who seem more talented than me; instead, I reach out to those people for advice and support. Getting advice from the experts is the best way to cultivate new passions.

When I reach deep down into my soul, it is easy for me to see the talent that I need to pursue. I am willing to pay the price for starting something new. I am willing to practice, work hard, and get back up if I stumble.

I am learning to identify new strengths by getting to know myself. The journey of self-discovery leads me to unexpected destinations. I am an evolving individual whose talents and abilities are changing and growing every day.

Today, I choose to reject fear and propel myself forward in the pursuit of new talents. This is the day that I start something new. Today marks the beginning of the rest of my life!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are my gifts?
2. How can I cultivate interests into talents?
3. Why is it important to share my gifts with others?

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Tuesday, February 21st9:30am ET
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