How to Find a Mentor or Life Coach

It is said if you get lucky enough to meet a good life coach, don’t let them go, because a good one is hard to find. Life coaching is not just about methods and techniques, but also the relationship between the client and the coach themselves. Even if you make sure a life coach has an accredited online certification, with so many coaches in the field, it’s important to choose the right one for yourself. Finding the right coach will teach you strategies you need to achieve your dream life.

Tips to Finding the Right Life Coach

Find One That Specializes in the Area That Suits Your Needs

Many people become life coaches when they have problems and find solutions they want to share with others. It could be that their life lacked meaning or that their career path was not satisfactory—depending on your problem, you need to find a life coach that specializes in the area you want to deal with.

Choose One That Understands You

Finding a life coach is a personal choice—you’re looking for help improving the most important aspects of your life, not changing the oil in your car. If you’re wondering what to look for in a life coach, you need to look beyond first impressions–you can get a lot of information through their website and client reviews, but be sure to talk with two or three different life coaches and choose the one you feel you connect with the most. 

Look for a life coach that:

  • Instills confidence that they can help you improve your life
  • Understands your situation
  • Has similar values to you
  • Relates to your situation
  • Understands your goals

Proper Training

The life coaching industry is fairly new and largely unregulated. This means that anyone can call themselves a life coach, even people with zero training; therefore, you should look carefully for a life coach with adequate training and certification.

Consider Coaches From Outside Your Area

Finding a life coach and meeting them in person is important to establish rapport, but it is not totally necessary. Life coaching is different from other in-person services because it is based on conversation, so it can be accomplished remotely. Many life coaching meetings take place by phone or video chat; in this day and age, there’s no reason to let geography control these kinds of decisions—do not choose a life coach just because they live near you. 

Suits Your Budget

Getting a life coach is an investment in your success, but you don’t need to go bankrupt. Choose a coach that charges fees that are within your budget.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Life Coach?

Growth Mindset

A good life coach will always have a growth mindset and inspire you to progress and achieve things that you would otherwise not be able to. You have the ability to accomplish great things, and you need a life coach who knows that and can help you embody that belief.

Effective Communication

As you search for a life coach, find one that asks important questions that lead you to think about your issues in new ways. No one has all the answers—a good life coach will help you identify your problems and find solutions on your own. Experienced life coaches can also alter their communication style to connect with you more easily and ensure you understand them.

A Good Listener

Communication involves deep listening, and good life coaches are willing to listen so they can learn from and fully understand your perspective. They should maintain eye contact, offer nonverbal cues, and follow up with important questions to show they were listening and connecting.

The journey to finding a life coach who empowers you takes focus and care, but it’s worth it. The right life coach can help you reach your biggest life goals, and those at Symbiosis Coaching are ready to help you take the next steps in doing just that.

If you’re thinking about following this career path for yourself, check out our recent article on why you should study life coaching.

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