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Here is a quick comparison of all our ICF accredited programs and their various combinations. You can pay the fee in easy monthly installments (EasyPay option), or you can save money by paying the fee in one single installment (SuperSaver option). The “SuperSaver Discount” column lists the money you save by paying the program fee in one single installment.

The “ICF Credential Qualification” column indicates the ICF credential – ACC or PCC – that the program qualifies you for, based on the number of training hours that it is accredited for. Our ACC Platinum and PCC Platinum packages include all three prerequisites for an ACC or PCC credential – training hours, coaching hours, and mentoring hours.

The CLC, CODC, and CNLPCP programs may be taken standalone, or combined with other programs. The CEC program must be combined with, and is an add-on to, the CLC program.

Programs are scheduled such that they can be taken in parallel.



ICF Training Hours

ICF Credential Qualification

EasyPay, Installment Fee

SuperSaver Fee

SuperSaver Discount

CLCOne class a week for 24 weeks60ACC4 monthly installments of $250.00 each$899.00$101.00
CODCOne class a week for 25 weeks65ACC5 monthly installments of $250.00 each$999.00$251.00
CNLPCPOne class a week for 24 weeks65ACC4 monthly installments of $250.00 each$899.00$101.00
CLC+CODC25 weeks total - Classes run in parallel125PCC6 monthly installments of $320.00 each$1798.00$122.00
CLC+CNLPCP24 weeks total - Classes run in parallel125PCC5 monthly installments of $370.00 each$1698.00$152.00
CLC+CEC24 weeks total - Classes run in parallel81ACC5 monthly installments of $320.00 each$1448.00$152.00
CLC+CEC+CNLPCP24 weeks total - Classes run in parallel146PCC6 monthly installments of $400.00 each$2247.00$153.00
CLC+CODC+CEC25 weeks total - Classes run in parallel146PCC6 monthly installments of $435.00 each$2347.00$263.00
CLC+CODC+CNLPCP25 weeks total - Classes run in parallel190PCC6 monthly installments of $460.00 each$2597.00$163.00
CLC+CEC+CODC+CNLPCP25 weeks total - Classes run in parallel211MCC6 monthly installments of $550.00 each$3146.00$154.00

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