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Wing Commander Satyendra Kumar Chauhan

Certified Life Coach Certified Executive Coach Certified Organizational Development Coach
Coach Specializations
  • Work Life Balance Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Retirement Coaching
Google Location
Bangalore , India


He is an air veteran with vast experience spanning more than 30 years including that of Chief Admin Officer, second in command and member of Admin core group of a prestigious Command Headquarters of the Indian Air Force before.

Coming from a background of defence, growing, being educated and having worked pan India, he’s had wide exposure to the variety in terms of cast, creed and ethnicity from the grass root to conceptual level, he had a natural penchant for human behaviour of which he calls himself a student.

His approach to life as a thinker and learner has helped him evolve giving insight into new dimensions of Human Resource. He seeks to share the knowledge gained from society with society through developing soft skills of people which can help them in all walks of life because he believes that every thought, attitude, action has bearing on human psyche, behaviour and personality which makes life a composite package impacting the society. He also believes that experience, enterprising approach, energetic exuberance poised with positiveness and balance would pave way for a resilient tomorrow.

His experience in the C4ISR Air Defence operational environment in the Indian Air Force has equipped him with situation awareness essential for decision making during crisis situations besides understanding at the conceptual level.

His strength comes from handling complex and crisis situations in challenging environment. He likes to utilise this experience in helping executives who are confronting challenges of adapting rapidly to change, cope with stress and are looking to improve their performance.

His specialty is to give them a competitive edge by working on their bounce back ability(emotional competence, self-esteem and self-efficacy), creating awareness about their potential and develop skills that support career resilience, whilst contributing to the their fulfillment.

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