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Sandhya Mathur ( ACC )

Certified Life Coach Certified Executive Coach Certified NLP Coach Practitioner Certified Master Spirit Life Coach
Coach Specializations
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Motivational Coaching
Google Location
Gurgaon, India


Sandhya is an ACC credentialed Mentor Coach and an Emotional Intelligence Assessor. She is a Certified Executive & Empowerment Coach and uses a methodology to measure clients’ progress through the coaching engagement. Sandhya is also a Certified Master Spirit Coach & NLP practitioner. She has 500+ hours of coaching experience and mentors coaches towards getting their ACC Credentials.

Sandhya has chosen a career path of working towards empowering people to enhance their skills and fulfill their dreams. As a Certified EQ Assessor, she uses EQ Assessments to assess & understand each client. Sandhya’s deep faith and belief in the untapped potential in people led to the founding of her coaching company, Inward Focus. She believes that when it comes to human capital, all growth comes from within – and this applies to individuals, teams and organizations. Inward Focus is therefore focused on enhancing the potential people possess within themselves. In her coaching assignments, she works with C-level Executives on Creating Awareness to Harness Purpose & Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

Sandhya has been working passionately on Women’s Empowerment and one of the goals when she founded Inward Focus was to be working with educated & qualified women stay-at-home moms looking to start or re-start their careers. She is empaneled as a mentor on the Sheroes platform where she interacts with women across the country and supports them through their dilemmas. She also has her own Lean In circle in Gurgaon, India. Through her specially crafted style of coaching, Sandhya has helped create self-awareness, discover inner power to confidently and successfully get back to professions they may have given up or develop new skills.

Sandhya is also a regular contributor in media and has authored several articles in various publications on the changing paradigm of coaching & leadership in India.
“My mission is to initiate positive shifts in people and transform their lives”, says Sandhya.

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