Manasi Dalvi – Life Coach
Manasi Dalvi
Certified Life Coach
Coach Specializations
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
Google Location
Pune, India


Hi! I’m Manasi, I’m a Certified Life Coach, a Creative Meditation teacher and a Certified Level 3 Reiki Healer. In the past, I volunteered as a coach for kids from troubled backgrounds as well as worked with people managing life-altering-chronic illnesses.

In terms of specialization, I am passionate about helping women who have endured family wounds in the past to find their voice + practice healthy boundaries in all their relationships.

Most of the beliefs we carry into adulthood about ourselves are those that we learned and picked up on from the environment we grew up in. Unfortunately, some of these beliefs may no longer serve us and in fact, can become a barrier that stops us from becoming a better version of ourselves and connecting with the world in an authentic way.

My sessions focus around the importance of assertiveness, setting boundaries, non-defensive communication, and radical self-care and I believe in taking active steps towards changing our behaviors in order to engage in healthier, more fulfilling relationships. I also believe that one can’t give out of an empty well, so to be there for others, we must first learn to be there for ourselves.

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