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Mallika T R ( ACC )

Certified Life Coach
Coach Specializations
  • Business Coaching
Google Location
Bangalore, India


I work with entrepreneurs and start-ups having a strong determination to succeed. I coach CEOs of start-ups and small and medium businesses to achieve business success through persuasive coaching. Through strategic thinking about your business, you would overcome challenges to increase revenue and create profits. Right techniques combining business skills, ideating and creating value for the customers through marketing strategies helps you to succeed.

I help you to get clarity on nuances of running a small business and start-ups. Gain a complete insight of your business model by working on developing your business plan, overall marketing strategy, generating revenue and creating sustained profits, managing cash flows alongside resource planning and team development.

Through our work together, you learn to unlock your highest potential and develop your business. I help you to discover your strengths and embrace success with grace.

If you are willing to, and believe that you can change yourself, register yourself for a discovery session with me. Feel free to contact me with any question in context to the above.

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