Chaitanya Madhav Nayak

Certified Life Coach Certified Organizational Development Coach
Coach Specializations
  • Organizational Development Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching
Google Location
Mumbai India , India


ICF Certified Life Coach, Certified Organisational Development Coach, Masters in Human Resource Development from Mumbai University.

I bring with experience of more than 3 decades exclusively into Human Resource Development. I have been Human Resource Head for 18 years with a leading mutual fund and with leading financial services in Mumbai. I have also traversed through other industries like FMCG, civil engineering, engineering and water treatment and my forte has been to recruit the best professionals in the Industry and develop their full potential and retain them for their continual growth in the organisation.

Coaching has helped me and the organisations in nurturing and retaining top talent!

Identifying key roles, competencies and skills for a organisation has been my key contribution to the organisations in which I worked. I specialised in Inducting top management personnel by giving personalised attention to them in undesrtanding the organisational vision and values and familiarising them with people, products and processes.

I have been successful in conducting periodic town halls in organisations I worked with to bring in transparency by directly communicating with people and getting developmental feedback for Buisness effectiveness and productivity.

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