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The Independent Coach

Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. Individuals are seeking the services of Life Coaches for Career Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Parenting Coaching, Relationship Coaching and many others.
Corporations and Businesses are seeking the services of Executive Coaches, Leadership Coaches and Business Coaches to help Executives with strategic planning and decision making, assist Managers better manage projects and teams, and help individual contributors improve their performance.

The role of the Independent Life Coach – a Life Coach who runs his/her own independent Coaching practice – is becoming increasingly important. People from all different backgrounds are turning to successful and very rewarding careers in Life Coaching.
People who have been working in the Corporate world for many years are looking for a change and are seeking to leverage their experience to become Executive Coaches and Leadership Coaches and Business Coaches.

People who are tired of the rat race and their daily 9 – 5 routine, and wish to do something they truly enjoy and are passionate about, are becoming Certified Life Coaches or Certified Spiritual Coaches.
Stay at home Moms who have never been able to put their education to use due to various responsibilities at home are taking advantage of this flexible and convenient career opportunity to launch successful Coaching practices from the comfort of their homes.

People who have a natural talent for coaching and have been using their skills informally with friends and colleagues for years are seeking to get a formal, structured education in the field and launch a career in it.
Retirees who wish to use their considerable work and life experience to help others as well as to supplement their income are turning to Life Coaching as a rewarding career.

No matter what your motivation and no matter what your background, if you have a passion for coaching and for helping others in their career goals, their business goals, their strategic goals, their corporate goals, their relationship goals – Coaching and our Certified Life Coach Programs are for you.
Our convenient, affordable programs are designed to fit the schedules of everyone – from busy mothers seeking a flexible career to people seeking to either change their careers or supplement their existing jobs with additional income.
Enroll in our Internationally accredited programs now and jump start your coaching career!

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