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Certified Life Coach Training: Receive Life Coach Certification Online

ICF Accredited for ACC Credential
60 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours
BONUS – ACC/PCC/MCC Coaching Hours!
Enrollment open, limited seats
Covers all Core Coaching Competencies
Convenient morning and evening classes
Includes real life, hands-on coaching experience
Attend live, fully interactive, virtual classes from home
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ASCTH – International Coach Federation
Program Duration: 24-weeks
Class Schedule: Once-a-week, for 2-hours
ICF accredited for: 60 hours
Mode of delivery: Live, Instructor-led, Zoom classes
Language: English
Prerequisites: None
EasyPay Option: 5 easy, monthly installments of only $250.00
SuperSaver Option: Save $251.00. Pay only $999.00

ICF Accredited for ACC Credential

Success Conversion Coaching Programs are approved for coach training units through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and presented in partnership with The Life Coach Certification Group. You may view the ICF approval by visiting the ICF Training Program Search Service and typing “Symbiosis” (without the quotes) into the Training Organization search box.
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Symbiosis Coaching’s Certified Life Coach program is accredited by the ICF for 60 ACSTH – and fully meets the training hours requirement for the ICF ACC credential and certification. Based on the coaching core competencies as identified by the ICF, the Certified Life Coach Program inspires, trains, and certifies motivated individuals with the highest quality materials to provide the finest in life coaching through the use of our easy-to-learn, yet highly effective online system of results-driven coaching.

Our Certification is based upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards as identified by world-wide coaching associations such as the International Coach Federation. Symbiosis Coaching weaves together the components of coaching while assisting you in developing a greater self-awareness and confidence so that coaching becomes part of who you are. This course is fully complemented with working forms, worksheets, planning formats, and additional business resources, and fully prepares you for the rewards and challenges of the coaching profession.

Enroll in the standalone program to gain ACC Training Hours, or choose the ACC Platinum package – which includes ACC Mentoring – to gain both 60 Training Hours and 10 Mentor Coaching hours (valid for both ACC and PCC credentials), and be on your way to becoming an ICF credentialed coach.

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Comprehensive Certified Coach Program with Live, Fully-Interactive, Online classes

Our Certified Life Coach program is taught by highly qualified, ICF credentialed instructors, through a LIVE, online conferencing system. All you need is an internet connection and a set of headphones with a mic, and you are ready to attend our instructor driven, virtual course with students joining in the certification program from across the world!


Our life coach instructors are practicing coaches themselves, and bring a wealth of real life coaching experience into the training. And these life coach classes are completely interactive – you can raise your hand and ask a question, you participate in discussions with the instructor and other students, and you work on training and coaching exercises with other students in the class. It is a very dynamic learning environment. The only difference with our life coaching certification programs? Instead of driving through traffic to get to a particular location, you do all the training this from the comfort of your home or office.


But that is not all. Everything you expect in a high-quality, internationally recognized life coach program is included – an entire library of reading and reference material, extensive, practical, hand-on coaching experience, and world-class support. That is exactly what makes us the leader in ICF accredited Life Coach training.

Also read more about legal requirements for life coaching.

Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM): Complete Turn-Key Coaching System

Our Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM) provides you with:

  • A model of effective coach/client relationship
  • An effective client enrollment strategy
  • Coaching session outline guide (you’ll know exactly what to say and you’ll learn quickly!)
  • Weekly live and interactive, online classes that include break-out sessions with partners and small groups
  • Hands-on Coaching Sessions
  • Observed Coaching Sessions
  • Affirmation Frame recordings to enhance and support your client’s learning experience
  • Business Development resources
  • Membership to Art and Science of Coaching

Launch a Successful Life Coaching Business

The whole idea behind the Certified Life Coach program is to empower you to launch a successful coaching practice. Getting certified is just one aspect of that. In addition to your life coach classes, there are a lot of business related resources that are included for free with the program:

  • Free Business Building Resources: Spreadsheets, Templates, Forms – to help you kickstart your coaching practice
  • Extensive Hands-On Coaching Practice
  • Specialty Designation
  • Free Profile listing on Symbiosis Café
  • Free 6-Month Access to Art and Science of Coaching
  • Free Membership to our Facebook Group

Free Life Coach Business Building Resources

The life coach certification program includes an entire library of free business building resources which are absolutely critical to launching a brand new coaching practice. So, you don’t have to do any of that legwork – it’s already done for you! Simply take these online resources and incorporate them into your coaching practice, and you are ready to go!


Included with your certification course material are various templates, worksheets, client forms, daily planners, sample coaching agreements, non-disclosure agreements, coaching assignment forms, sales projection forms, and a whole lot of other tools to get your business up and running quickly.

Choose Your Own Specialty Designation

The life coach program fully covers the 11 Core Coaching Competencies that the ICF has defined. Once you have completed this certification program, you will be able to coach people with various goals and objectives in their lives. And, at the end of the program, our life coaches have the ability to choose a specialty designation. Examples of specialty life coach designations include:

  • Certified Career Coach
  • Certified Relationship Coach
  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified Parenting Coach
  • Certified Success Coach
  • Certified Leadership Coach
  • Certified Business Coach
  • Certified Motivational Coach
  • And many more life coach specialties!


Such Specialty Designations greatly add to your professional standing within the coaching world.

FAQs About Online Life Coach Certification

Let’s help you get on track with the Certified Life Coach (CLC) program by answering some frequently asked questions about the course, career opportunities, and our life coach certification programs:


What is the most recognized coaching certification?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the world’s most recognized and respected coaching program certifier and accrediting body. Their accredited life coach programs, which include life and business coaching, are considered the gold standard in the life coach training industry. 

Our CLC program is accredited by ICF and the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA), another internationally esteemed accreditation body for life coaching certifications.


What qualifications do I need to be a certified life coach?

There are no mandatory prerequisites to becoming a life coach; everyone can be one, regardless of their personal background. But to be a successful life coach, you must embody the quality of compassion and have a strong drive to help others. You will also want to participate in a coach certification program.

If you’re joining a course like our CLC program to become a life coach, you may also need to fulfill specific requirements such as being of legal age and having adequate comprehension of the program language (English).


Can you become a life coach online?

Yes, you can become a life coach without leaving the comfort of your home through an online certification program. Our online life coach training course is delivered through live web conferencing. You’ll be guided through an education program accredited by the ICF and taught by the best qualified life coach instructors, all in an interactive online classroom. All you need is an internet connection to get your life coach certificate through the training course!


Can I be a life coach without coach training and certification?

You can, in theory, call yourself a life coach without getting certified through a certified coach program; however, online life coach certification demonstrates to your clients that you’re serious about the craft and your coaching practice. Certification shows that you’re better trained and experienced to effectively help people, allowing future clients to build a sense of trust in you from the get-go.

You can become a certified life coach through our CLC program. After completing the course and affiliation requirements, you will receive a personal “Certification Authentication Web Page” that prospects can use to authenticate your professional life coach standing as a graduate of our ICF-accredited program. You will also receive a certificate that you can print and frame, as well as a “Document of Certification” that certifies the number of training hours that you’ve earned. 


How long does life coach certification take to complete?

The ICF accredits our CLC program for 60 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), which fully meets the ICF Associate Coach Certification (ACC) credential requirement. This coach training program consists of two-hour classes once a week for twenty-four weeks.

You can enroll in the standalone life coach program to get certified, gain sixty training hours, and launch a successful coaching practice, or choose the CLC Platinum package, to add 10 ACC Mentoring hours as well 100 ACC coaching hours, and apply for an ACC credential.


Will there be a test at the end of the life coach program?

Apart from several assignments for evaluation throughout the life coach program, students must also complete a final exam. To pass, you must receive a score of at least 80%. Should you fail, you’ll receive another chance to rewrite the course exam within thirty days.

Free: List your Profile on Symbiosis Café

All coaches who complete our certification programs can list their personal profile for free on our coach search tool, the Symbiosis Café. This unique coach search tool is available to all our website visitors. So, when individuals or corporations come to our site and are looking for life coaches, they can simply browse through your profile and hire you directly for coaching assignments!


This service is completely free, and a testament to our commitment to your success as a life coach.

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Bonus: Free 6-Month Membership to Art and Science of Coaching

To further ensure your business success, we have maintained our relationship with Art and Science of Coaching based out of Campbellsville KY, USA who will provide you with a 6-month exclusive Membership to develop a clear and precise vision for your coaching practice by following a simple, powerful, direct plan of action after you complete your life coach online training.


Art and Science of Coaching is dedicated to helping coaches build their coaching practice. They have a lot of content on their website that you can access for free for six months. The life coach institute will send you invaluable monthly content that you can post on your own blog or send to your prospective clients. All included for free for 6-months.


A $749.00 USD value.

What's Included in the Program

Your life coach certification course includes everything you need to complete your certification, with a guarantee of no hidden extra costs for your entire program.


Programs are complemented by a complete library of working forms, worksheets, planning formats, and additional study materials. You will be led by an outstanding team of professionals who will provide all the support and assistance you may need to ensure your success.


All students also get access to our personal online Student Area for easy download of all of the coach training programs materials. They can also interact with each other through our Symbiosis Student and Alumni Facebook Group.

Are there any additional costs?

Our graduates’ International Coach Certification is awarded through the Certified Coaches Alliance, which actively maintains all life coach certifications. The cost of affiliation upon graduation is a nominal $54.00 for every two years. Please see our FAQ page for details.

Also check our article about role of a life coach.

Class Schedule
ProgramStart DateClass TimesClass Schedule
Certified Life CoachWednesday, February 22nd9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
8:00pm PT
Once a week, 2-hours, for 24-weeks
Certified Organizational
Development Coach
Tuesday, February 21st9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 25-weeks
Certified Executive
Thursday, February 23rd9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 8-weeks
Certified NLP Coach
Monday, February 20th9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 25-weeks
Platinum - ACC/PCC
Friday, April 7th9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 1-hour
for 6-sessions PLUS 4 one-on-
one sessions with mentor