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One of the biggest challenges that new coaches face is getting their names and profiles out there, in front of clients. And that is exactly what the Symbiosis Café is designed to do. All coaches who complete a certification program through Symbiosis Coaching can upload their profiles to the Symbiosis Café – a great coach search tool available right on our website. Clients who visit our website – and we get thousands of hits – and are seeking coaches to assist them with their personal, business, or corporate goals, can browse through coach profiles and email you directly. A great way of building business while you sleep!

An added advantage – your profile gets picked up by search engines, and begins to show up in coach searches around the globe!

Symbiosis Cafe
Free Business Building Resources
Free Business Resources

When you complete a certification program through Symbiosis Coaching, you are never alone. We leave you with an entire library of business resources – spreadsheets and templates and forms – that are absolutely critical to launching a brand new coaching practice. So you never have to do any of that legwork – it is already done for you. You simply take all these business resources and incorporate them into your coaching practice, and you are ready to go!

Art and Science of Coaching

All Symbiosis Coaching students get free 6-month access to the Art and Science of Coaching. The Art and Science of Coaching brings together the Art of Coaching and the Science of Business. It is dedicated to helping coaches build their coaching practices. They also email you a lot of monthly content that you can then post on your own website or blog, or email to your own potential clients. They have extensive content on their website that you can access for free for 6 months. A structured, easy to follow step-by- step system to building a thriving, rewarding, and profitable coaching business – available for free for 6 – months.

Art and Science of Coaching
Coursework or Curriculam – Life Coaching

Our programs are designed to help you launch a successful coaching business. The curriculum includes lectures not just on some of the core topics of coaching such as “Principles of Coaching” and “Co-Creative Relationships” and “The Structure and Process of Coaching” and such, but the business aspects of coaching are a very important part of the program. There are lectures that cover topics such as Client Enrollment Strategies and Selling Coaching, as an example.

And our instructors are not just ICF credentialed coaches but they are also practicing coaches. So, they bring extensive real life coaching experience into the classroom.