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I pray for my child

There comes a point where my strength ends and faith begins. My natural body is bound by physical limitations, but through prayer, I can accompany my children wherever they go. I pray over my children’s safety. In a world filled with uncertainty and violence, prayer eases my mind and assures me that my children’s purpose […]

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Release My Fears

Living my life to please others is both unnecessary and unfulfilling, so I let go of my tendency to keep my opinions to myself because I fear disappointing them. I reserve the right to voice my opinion! As a child, speaking my mind may have been out of line. However, I am now well into […]

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Manage Success – Life Coach Training

I am the master of time management! Each moment spent has a defined purpose. I place my priorities toward the top of my to-do list and ensure that these responsibilities get completed. My priorities change according to the environment I find myself in. Time is of the essence in my workplace; I develop tunnel vision […]

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Live Today – Life Coach

I live my life for today without worries of what may happen tomorrow. The little time I have to spend with my family and friends is valuable, so I squeeze out every last drop of enjoyment as I go. Playing with my children, spending romantic evenings with my spouse, and laughing with family is what […]

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My Struggles are steeping stones

My life is a fruitful voyage. I have a promising career, dedicated spouse, lovely family, and a warm place to call home. The luxury of having things handed to me on a silver platter is unknown to me. I work hard to get what I want, overcoming whatever challenges try to stop me. My struggles […]

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My past no longer dictates my future.

I have grown from past experiences. The hardships from years past have molded me into the strong, independent individual I am today. I am thankful for the necessary life lessons my past mistakes teach me. Mistakes are a part of life and personal experience is truly the best way to learn. I now enjoy wisdom […]

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My mistakes help make me better

Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. I accept that I make mistakes and learn from them. They improve me. Each mistake I make teaches me something about who I am, where I’ve been, or where I am going. When I make a mistake, I still feel good about myself. […]

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My Memory is Sharp

I have a great memory. I am able to learn new information, recall old details, and memorize data. I take care of my body in order to maintain my memory in good health. I eat nutritious foods that promote healthy brain development. The foods I feed my body help me improve my attention span. I […]

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