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My Marriage is my Fountain of Youth

When responsibilities get the best of me, my spouse helps me relax and have a good laugh. We giggle like teenagers and embarrass our kids with our public displays of affection. We remain young and in love, regardless of the age printed on our drivers’ licenses. We are like newlyweds. I send sexy and loving […]

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My Life is well Balanced

I enjoy a life marked by order and balance, while still cultivating a diverse set of interests. I am fully capable of maintaining the necessary structure to keep my mind at peace. To best balance my life, I prioritize my values. Understanding my values enables me to identify the best way to spend my time. […]

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My Marriage is worth the Work

Marriage is the sweetest institution ever created when it is lived in peace and harmony. To build an unbreakable bond takes effort on the part of both spouses. I am willing to work on my marriage because my marriage is worth the work. Finding a mate is the easy part; staying together is what takes […]

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Life is full of Joy and Peace

Every time I think about my life, I feel peace and joy. I attract joy and peace into my life through my thoughts, words, and actions. Others see the joy and peace that I radiate out into the world. They respond by sending joy and peace back to me. Even if things aren’t perfect, I […]

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My personal best is good enough in any situation. Passion is all that is required for me to succeed. I am proud of myself when I give my all because my best is all I’ve got to offer. I refrain from comparing myself to others, because there will always be someone more talented than me. […]

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Take care of Family Needs

I take care of my family’s needs because I am a responsible, loving provider. Whatever my family needs, I provide through hard work and dedication. My job is to love my family and meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I make sacrifices for my family’s well being. I work tirelessly to provide financially for […]

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