Symbiosis Coaching – About Us

The Symbiosis Difference


Symbiosis Coaching Life Coach certification programs are accredited by both the International Coach Federation and the Certified Coaches Alliance. What that means is that the programs are truly global in nature. Our course content covers the 11 Core Coaching Competencies, our instructors are highly qualified, practicing coaches who bring real life coaching experience into the class room, and you are always assured of world class support.


We use technology to bring our programs directly to you – through live, instructor-led, fully interactive virtual classes. Your location doesn’t matter – you attend all classes from the convenience of your home or hotel! All you need is an internet connection and a set of headphones with a mic.

No more waiting for the class to come to your town. No more struggling through traffic to reach your class. Your class is where you are!


Enrolling in a high quality Life Coach training program should not mean paying through your nose for it. Typical Life Coach training programs range anywhere from $5000.00 all the way up to $10000.00. That is a lot of money to spend on a certification program! Wouldn’t you rather spend it on growing your business instead?

At Symbiosis Coaching, we have priced our programs to be affordable for everyone. And convenient installment payments make it even easier for everyone to enroll.

Specialty Designation

A unique aspect of our CLC program! All graduates have the ability to choose a specialty designation that best reflects the talents, skills and learning that they bring with them from their total life experience. So, you can choose a designation of “Certified Career Coach” or “Certified Relationship Coach” or “Certified Motivational Coach” or “Certified Wellness Coach” – or any other designation that suits your coaching goals.

Business Support

We at Symbiosis understand that once you graduate, you need support to get your coaching career going full speed ahead. Our course has a very strong element of business and marketing support, including Art and Science of Coaching as well as membership to the exclusive Symbiosis Cafe. So the transition from a coaching graduate to a practicing, earning coach is easy and seamless!

International Accreditation

Our programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Certified Coaches Alliance – two of the most respected Coach Certification organizations in the world. They very closely follow the Eleven Core Coaching competencies as defined by the ICF. You earn ICF Training hours that can then be applied towards an ACC, PCC or MCC credential, and your certificate carries the prestigious ICF/ACSTH stamp on it.


Whether you choose our Certified Life Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Certified NLP Coach Practitioner or the Certified Master Spirit Life Coach program, you can be confident that you are enrolling in the most comprehensive programs in the world. Lectures, extensive notes and supporting material that will give you an in-depth understanding of Life Coaching. And real life, hands-on coaching practice ensures that you are ready to launch a successful coaching practice!

Proven Methodology

The proof of our program’s effectiveness are our graduates – successful, practicing coaches in the United States, Canada, India, Phillipines, South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

A proven, turnkey methodology that allows you to launch a successful coaching practice no matter where you are located!

Class Schedule
ProgramStart DateClass TimesClass Schedule
Certified Life CoachWednesday, February 22nd9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
8:00pm PT
Once a week, 2-hours, for 24-weeks
Certified Organizational
Development Coach
Tuesday, February 21st9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 25-weeks
Certified Executive
Thursday, February 23rd9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 8-weeks
Certified NLP Coach
Monday, February 20th9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 2-hours, for 25-weeks
Platinum - ACC/PCC
Friday, April 7th9:30am ET
8:00pm ET
Once a week, 1-hour
for 6-sessions PLUS 4 one-on-
one sessions with mentor