HR Coach

The HR Professional as Coach

Increasingly, Executives, Managers and others individuals in corporations are turning to Business, Leadership and Executive Coaches to help them meet challenges in strategic decision making as well as people development.

And in the modern competitive business landscape, the role of the Human Resources professional is expanding and changing. Increasingly, in-house HR professionals are being called upon to be these coaches and devote a larger portion of their time to coaching.

Coaching oriented HR professionals are increasingly becoming the agents of growth and change within organizations. They are using their skills of rapport building, listening, mirroring, exploratory questioning, summarizing and challenging to lead Executives towards better strategic decisions, assist Mangers in becoming more aware of and responsive to their teams, and employees towards self-directed actions that result in more fulfilling and productive careers.

At Symbiosis Coaching, we understand the value that a Coaching certification can bring to an HR professional. Through our ICF approved Certified Executive Coach program which includes the Certified Life Coach program, HR professionals can add Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching and Career Coaching skills that can not only bring tremendous benefits to the organization as a whole, but also go a long way in helping them grow professionally within the organization.

Enroll in our Internationally accredited programs now and jump start your coaching career!

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