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Certified Organizational Development Coach

Unique Program, exclusively from Symbiosis
ICF Accredited for ACC Credential
BONUS – ACC/PCC/MCC Coaching Hours!
Enrollment open, limited seats
Dual Certification, includes CLC
Hands-on coaching experience
Unique program for coaches, corporate leaders
Combine with CEC for maximum impact
Class Schedule: CLC: Once a week for 24-weeks, starting Wednesday, April 25th; CODC: Once a week for 16-weeks, starting Thursday, April 26th
Mode of delivery: Live, Instructor-led web-conference
Class Start Time: Choose morning OR evening class
Class Duration: 2 hours
EasyPay Option: 5 easy, monthly installments of only $350.00
SuperSaver Option: Save $152.00. Pay only $1598.00

If you have already completed, or are enrolled in, either the Certified Life Coach or the Certified Executive Coach programs, you may upgrade to Certified Organizational Development Coach Program here

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Though change is the only constant, it is often hard to deal with. This is true at not just an individual and group level, but also on an organizational level. As markets, technologies, economic and socio-political environments change, organizations must transform as well. Forward looking organizations practice OD interventions to bring about this structured change in order to adapt to changing business environments.

The hardest part of change management is not just enabling wholehearted buy-in by stakeholders and employees, but also actively coaching them through this process and enabling them, through such coaching, to internalize the purpose for change. Lack of employee engagement can, of course, result in disastrous consequences.

Coaching organizations through such processes requires special coaching skills, and that is exactly what the ICF Accredited Certified Organizational Development Coach program is tailored for. This program prepares both Life Coaches and Executive Coaches to deal with volatile group dynamics across an entire organization – including different functional areas, diverse business and technical skills, wide range of experience levels, and all positions on the corporate ladder. It equips coaches to contribute across layers of initiators, decision makers, influencers, and intervention implementers. Upon completing this program, Certified Organizational Development Coaches will have all the necessary skills to work with and coach personnel at all levels within an organization, and assist them with internalizing and working towards organizational transformation.

When combined with the Certified Executive Coach program, this certification adds significant value to coaches who wish to help both executives with their leadership, strategic and communication goals, as well as with entire organizations with their organizational development and change management goals.

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The program includes detailed discussion of topics such as:

  • What is OD intervention?
  • What does it mean to engage people?
  • What is the tripod of success in OD interventions?
  • How to leverage and strengthen the Psychological contract of employment?
  • What is the role of Coach in changing the Psychological orientation?

This exclusive program by Symbiosis Coaching is based on ‘ARCS- Internal Marketing way for Return on Engagement©’, an application model of ‘Internal Marketing’ and is designed to equip coaches with a macro view of coaching in an OD scenario, as well as a micro view through ‘7 Is of Internal Marketing’.

Choose you own Specialty Designation

This comprehensive program provides you with templates on design, strategy, and implementation that can be quickly adapted to suit diverse organizational situations and help them achieve faster, deeper and focused transformation.